No more sick days

If employees are sick they stay home for the day but not anymore! Unless someone is completely out of it they are probably just wasting away in front of a TV but most illnesses are just annoying or it just might be a bad back issue or even just a sick child. When employees are enabled to work remotely they are less likely to take a sick day because the fact is they will still be able to work remotely. Obviously this won’t apply to every type of job but certainly administrators or users that utilize a computer to perform their task or at least a portion of their job is possible through the use of a computer. Our business has redefined the term “sick day” and we don’t mind at all if people stay home. One of our most productive employees only reports on site one time per week and I have reaped the benefits of being able to do the type of projects that are difficult to get done amongst all of the distractions at the office.

Of course when setting up your system to be accessible from outside of your office there are always concerns about the security of your system. We have seen many companies do this with little or no concern about security. This of course leads to issues that in some cases causes the business leader(s) to do away with the Telework program that was implemented and ban all remote access to the network. This is of course the wrong mindset yet again as the network is still just as vulnerable.

If you decide to make teleworking a part of your corporate culture I recommend you always consult an expert in securing data and someone who truely understands how and why systems are compromised then… Just say no to sick days!


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