The Cloud

This buzz word “The Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” has made it’s way into marketing departments and is in almost every technology promotion and commercial I have been seeing lately. There are a lot of business leaders thinking about making the move and some have actually done it. We have seen where this has really benefited businesses but we have also seen where it has been a TOTAL DISASTER! There are some real concerns to consider when giving your digital assets (corporate data) to a provider, some of these concerns never seem to even cross the mind of some executives that I have discussed this with.

Here are some questions to consider.

1. Who owns the data once it is on the providers servers and in their possession?

2. Can the provider use the data if they want to, for any reason?

3. Can they refuse to give it back to you or refuse to remove it from their server systems if you decide not to continue to use their services? Are there legal rights or laws to protect you?

4. What are the new risks that could cause an outage or unavailability to the systems?

5. Will my costs be significantly reduced or could they actually increase?

6. Will my information be more or less secure in this environment?

7. Who is responsible if the data is breached?

While some data owners might think some of these questions aren’t even worth considering many have already learned the hard way.


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