The Cloud – Who is responsible if the data is lost or compromised?

YOU ARE! It is your responsibility so you might want to refer to my previous post “The Cloud – Will my data be safe?” for some good ideas on making sure you engage with the right provider if you choose to try to make this change in your organization. This is illustrated in the recent vs saga where Amazon kicked Wikileaks off their servers for violating their terms and conditions. So Wikileaks just moved their site to another provider in Sweden. Originally they moved their site to Amazon to elude an attack on their site referred to as a Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack. A DOS attack basically is where an internet connection (in this case their web site) is made unavailable due to the fact that some source(s) is flooding it to the point that the site is overwhelmed, this has happened to Google not to long ago leaving their email and other services unavailable for about 6 hours. My point… The Cloud isn’t all safe and secure and problem free like the commercials you see on TV. It is loaded with security issues and providers not willing to take any of the heat when the data is breached or lost. They will just kick you off their system and tell you to read the terms and conditions of their agreement (if there was an agreement).

And what is worse!? Cyber criminals are licking their chops at the idea of all of this data floating around on the the World Wide Web. The next five years should be very interesting…

Take a look at my latest Tweets ( to watch some really cool videos I have found on You Tube for you to help you better understand what cloud is and how it could impact us (according to some visionaries).


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