No more snow days

Last night the report came through that school would be closed due to a batch of snow dumping on our area. My kids were ecstatic! Funny thing is that when I woke I decided to dress down… jeans, long sleve polo and of course my snow boots replaced my dress shoes. Even as adults our minds are programed to want to take the day off. As a business leader you already expect several employees to call in with a variety of reasons why they can’t make it in, there is always one. Well thanks to the state of Virginia and the Telework Virginia grant that they have to offer you can have your cake and eat it too! Tell them to stay home! It is fine, in fact it is very possible that working from home will make some of your employees even more productive. We have experienced that with our employee Chad that works from Norfolk Va 4 days out of every week. His productivity levels have always been very high and those who know Chad know that he is one of our most skilled and personalable employees. Since he started Teleworking his productivity levels have increased even further and he still feels like he is part of our team. We all love Chad!

Rethink your corporate strategy of thinking employees can’t, won’t want to or will be less productive working from home. I also posted on this top previously “No more sick days” and the concept applies the same here.

For more information on this fantastic grant you can visit their website and you can always contact our office, we’d be happy to assit.

Enjoy the snow! 🙂


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