Security on home computers

As time evolves businesses will likely decrease their brick and mortar office space, move into a more virtual atmosphere and employees will work remotely from home. When this becomes more of the norm these employees will either have two (or more) systems or they will consolidate all of their personal and business information onto one system. Your employees will probably not want to have one computer for business and one for personal, they will want it all on one. So how can business leaders enforce security measures if they don’t own the equipment? Can we enforce policies that state they are not allowed to use business systems for personal use? This certainly is going to create all types of issues as we move forward. Building a security mindset will be the best way to make sure your corporate data will stay safe because it is going to be left up to the employee to make good decisions on how they use the system that has access to your corporate data.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts there is a grant provided by the state of Virginia to help businesses make the investments necessary to allow employees to work remotely, Take a look at their site as there still funds available, we are very familiar with this grant and we are experts at helping businesses receive the funds. Check out my previous post (or click on the “working from home” category) for more information.


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