The backup only strategy is not enough

Back on backup again… this is such an important aspect to your data protection strategy. You just can’t afford to get this wrong. I want to retrain the way you think about backup so let’s forget about the word backup all together, delete it from your thoughts!

What you NEED is a disaster recovery or better yet a business continuance strategy. If you only concern yourself with making sure the data is backed up you never give yourself a chance to consider what is going to happen when you actually need to recover! Backup is easy, it is the recovery that is difficult and quite honestly most backup strategies I have seen don’t even give you a chance to recover at all! Tape drives, off-site backup services, external hard drives, blue ray discs, and alike are probably not even backing up your data properly much less allow you to recover promptly after a failure or disaster.

If your business can tolerate a total loss of data then stop reading this because you are still kidding yourself and only experiencing the event might help you justify the importance. Losing your data will possibly result in your business failing, typically within 12 to 24 months, and if you survive the loss you will certainly feel the impact. If you feel you can’t afford the solution then cut out your 401k, lower your salary, take cheaper vacations and do whatever you can to make this fit into your budget. If I told you that you only had 6 months to live unless you got what seemed like expensive surgery you wouldn’t say it wouldn’t fit into the budget, right?!

Change you mindset and stop looking at backup options and start creating a “plan to stay in business” solution that will protect your digital assets and business.


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