Questions and concerns facing CPA businesses in 2011

Last week we spent a few days at the Don Farmer CPA event in Richmond. We hosted a booth and after-hour party for the attendees. In speaking with many of the business leaders that we met several had the same concerns . Since we specialize in helping CPA firms most of these were similar to the concerns we have heard in the past.

1. How can we ensure our data is secure?

2. How can we minimize down-time and data-loss if our system experienced an unexpected failure?

3. Should we consider moving our data into a hosted or “cloud” providers data center?

4. How can we make sure our systems will perform optimally during this critical time?

5. Can we setup our system to be securely and easily accessible from our home systems?

6. How can we be sure home systems are secure if they belong to our employees and not the firm?

7. I heard about the TeleworkVa grant, how do I learn more about this?

8. How can we control and monitor internet usage on our systems to ensure our employees aren’t getting trapped in time wasters like Facebook?

Most of these questions have been addressed in my previous posts and I will continue to address these concerns as they exist in most businesses that we work with.


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