Wikileaks – How leaked secrets can impact you?

If you haven’t heard of the Wikileaks story I’ll sum it up briefly and further the point that end user awareness is the secret behind securing your corporate digital assets (data). Wikileaks is a site with the mission to expose important information to the public, they are leveraging their “anti-censorship” rights but at the risk of jeopardizing our country’s security. In doing so many are viewing this as an act of terrorism. Many technology companies have taken their stand against Wikileaks. For example Amazon kicked them off of their web hosting servers and Apple banned the news feed app that was developed.

These secrets were leaked mostly by whistle-blowers from the inside. As an example… Bradley Manning, an Army intellegence specialists, has been charged with multiple counts of mishandling and handing over many classified documents and videos.

What if this were to happen to your business? What valuable information could be leaked out that could hurt the integrity of your business, your employees or yourself? Could you stop it from happening? Could you control it? What if financials were exposed, legal attacks made public, sexual abuse accusations and alike? With social media services like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin information can be spread to thousands of individuals in just minutes, whether the information is factual or not once it is out it can spread like wild fire. Your firms reputation can be destroyed because an employee had a bad day and posted something negative about you or your company on their Facebook wall, and they might have not even realized what they were doing when the idea struck them.

Educate your employees, let them know the dangers and protect your companies image and information.


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