How much time are your employees wasting online?

It is almost everyday that I get a call from a client asking how to filter the content that their users are able to access online. In a recent post regarding this issue and more specifically on holiday shopping I illustrated the costs and risks of not filtering the content that your users are accessing from their systems. I had one client state that he had heard there was a free way to do this without additional costs, so I did some investigating. You can accomplish this within most browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) but I’m sure any novice user can just get around the blocked sites by installing another browser or other simple work around. Besides that fact is who has time to go from computer to computer typing in web site addresses and then password protecting the settings to prevent the user from accessing unauthorized sites?

I have heard a business leader say they will use the iron fist approach and we all know that won’t work. You are more likely to just kill moral than to stop the problem. I recall when I was an employee that the iron fist approach would always make me feel like I was being punished because the other slackers wouldn’t stay focused on what mattered.

I believe filtering content is a must in today’s hi tech world. There are too many time wasters and compromised web sites that can cause all of your systems to become violated.

March madness is just around the corner… this is one of the worst time wasters available online.


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