How good is your current IT advisor?

Here are a few key indicators that your provider might not be the person you want to take advise from when it comes to your IT.

1. After 60 plus days notice they failed to take over your email services and don’t know the difference between spam and internet content filtering. On top of that your inbox is full of spam everyday and they say they are tweaking the settings.

2. When you ask them simple questions they reply in code and or acronym’s that you can’t understand

3. They tell you that you need to reboot your server periodically to make it run faster

4. They sell you the idea that they should come on-site once per month / per week to optimize your systems as a regularly scheduled visit

5. They sell you a block of pre-paid time (i.e. 20 hours for $2000)

6. They tell you that the firewall you have is impenetrable

7. They tell you to move your server closer to your computers so it will perform better

8. They install the free AVG or other competing anti-virus product

9. They can’t demonstrate that they could restore your data if and when requested.

10. They only make money on your account if you have a problem and refuse to share any of the risk

11.  They won’t give you passwords to the admin account

If your business can’t operate without the information on your systems and the data is like the blood of your business why would you decide to have an amateur as your primary IT advisor?


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