Reasons how your data will be compromised

If you notice all of these reasons have to do with your employees and their awareness (or lack there of). Firewalls, passwords and other popular security measures won’t stop your data from ending up in the wrong hands. Start a security awareness program within your organization, remind them often (at least quarterly) and make it a priority (or they won’t care).

  1. Employees taking information from the office to work at home.
  2. Failure to recognize and report adverse information about a co-worker.
  3. Processing data on unapproved computer systems.
  4. Employee reluctance to challenge strangers in restricted areas.
  5. Business travelers not reporting suspicious contacts or foreign travel.
  6. Employees falling for social engineering ploys for sensitive data (hoax, spam, etc).
  7. Cleared workers’ failure to recognize potential approaches from foreign spy services.
  8. Improper handling and disposal of sensitive data.
  9. Workers bringing unauthorized portable devices into work and opening up the network to hackers, spies and information thieves.

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