Apple Ipad – Is it for your business?

Several of our clients, primarily business leaders, have purchased an Apple Ipad and then called to have it installed on their network. BEWARE! Almost all networks aren’t 100% compatible with the Ipad operating system and you might be dissapointed with the financial investment you just made. For instance, Microsoft’s email server system (Microsoft Exchange) will probably need to be updated before your email will work. If you have a fairly new server or have a hosted or cloud offering then this might not be a problem. Also your Ipad doesn’t connect to your network the same way your Microsoft Windows systems do so accessing networked shared resources (Mapped Drives, Printers, etc) might be cumbersome, problematic or won’t work. Finally many of today’s business applications aren’t compatible with the MAC operating system so you might find that your Accounting program, industry specific custom application or some other favorite application just won’t run.

There are competing Windows based Ipad copy cat’s coming out everyday and at this years CES (largest geek event of the year) in Las Vegas was dominated with manufactures showing off their tablets or Ipad look alikes.

In closing… I love the concept and Apple has got the right concept but research first then buy your Ipad that way you aren’t dissapointed with your original intent for the purchase. I suggest waiting before buying this technology for your business, where there is demand there is money and Apple will work to meet the need or another manufacture will do it for them.


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