Are your employees Facebook addicts?

If you have over 500 friends, continue to change your profile picture over and over again, check your profile 2-3 times per hour and you update your status while your driving then you have a problem. This is becoming a major issue for employers and we have had some of our clients go as far as firing employees for their online social media abuse. Facebook isn’t the only culprit it just seems to be the biggest one.

What can we do to prevent this from killing productivity?

There are filters that can be added to control your the content that your users can access. This will not only increase productivity but it will increase the security of your information as many malicious infections are installed on your systems when your users are excepting a virtual drink from their Facebook friends. In addition to filtering your web traffic you could talk to your employees and let them know about the dangers to your data and to their job!

Maybe passing this video around your office might make your users aware of how silly their addiction is and encourage them to stop wasting company time.


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