Mobile security issues due to surpass computers

Yesterday the SANS News-bites reported that according to the Cisco 2010 Annual Security Report, cyber criminals appear to be shifting their focus from Windows machines to mobile devices. Users are falling prey to social engineering scams through social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email and phone calls. Social Engineering is best described as tricking the user to respond typically by clicking a link, downloading an attachment or in this case even accepting a phone call.

Other important notes in this report is that there has been a decrease in spam and the focus for cyber criminals is shifting to Apple based products. Spam decreased due to the large number of “take downs”. Apple is under attack because of the large increase in product sales primarily focused on the Ipad.  To my point that I have made about why the perception that Apple has a more secure product… it is security by obscurity but as Apple surges in market share the hackers are taking note. For the same reason criminals hold up banks… it is where the money is.

Here is a link for the rest of the story. Also below is a news report involving the recent breach involving AT&T and the Apple Ipad.

Cybercrime migrating to mobile and Apple, Cisco report


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