Cyber Bullying

Today there are new ways for bullies to harass and intimidate your children. Statistics show that 1 in 3 kids become victims so chances are someone who is reading this now has a child that is a being bullied and doesn’t even know it. It is a simple thing to ask your child if he or she is on the receiving (or giving) end of this hurtful type of abuse. Just last night I was speaking to my 12 year old son and simply asked if he had ever been bullied and he said… Nope. It was clear he wasn’t hiding anything and he wasn’t stressed about the question. On the other hand my 9 year old daughter has been a victim of this type of abuse and she was confident enough to come forward and let us know what was going on. We took action, spoke with the teacher and the problem has since gone away. If she had been too scared to come forward it is possible that it could have continued…

Take action. Start a dialog with your children about being bullied. It is a real issue with sometime drastic results that could be averted with a simple conversation.


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