Can kids live without their electronics?

Seems that every time I want to go some place with my kids they have their electronics in hand. They are always “plugged in” and playing something. The computer, the Ipad, the Xbox and so on. Seems like this has to be affecting them long-term in some way. I once heard a speaker say that because kids are always winning at their games they get more frustrated when they don’t win in real life because of that expectation and constant gratification of winning. In fact in a game they are always winning… like hundreds of little wins as they go through the game. Makes sense to me. In fact when my kids get hung up in a game and can’t get through a small part of it they get very frustrated and sometimes very verbal.

I have often thought that as time passes and this next generation of gamers enters the work force how are employers going to have to change to adapt to them? Is there going to be game rooms? Are we going to constantly have to praise their good work lots of little times or they will get frustrated and give up? Will we give reviews electronically or notify them that they got a raise on their Facebook page? What will their expectations be when it comes to the technology we provide them to do their work? Will they demand that they use their own technology?

I’m not sure what these answers are but I’m sure the future gamers will end up being very different employees from the ones we have today.

I challenge you to unplug you and your kids from electronics for periods of time. Start with an evening then try for a full day and see what happens. I recall hurricane Isabel taking our power out for around 8 days. We did camp fires every night and spent a lot of time together with the TV and other electronic distractions off. I remember it was a lot of fun and wonder if doing this regularly will impact my children and their dependency on technology long term.


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